Journal of International Pharmaceutical Research

Article: Cost and Effectiveness OF Hypertension Treatment on Regency Hospital in Indonesia

Pages: 313-321

Author: Tri Budi Julianti, Gunawan Pamudji and Rina Herowati

Abstract: Hypertension is one of the degenerative diseases of the health problem in many countries. Patient compliancein consumed medicine and high-cost requirements is one factor to becomes a burden for the patient; it is necessary fees adequate to obtain optimum effectiveness. This study aimed to determine the profile of the cost and effectiveness of treatmenthospitalization on regency hospital in Indonesia.A cross-sectional study is perform in patients with hypertension stage II without complication on Regency Hospital in Indonesia, which a given treatment captopril-HCT-nifedipine, captopril-nifedipine, captopril-nifedipine-furosemide injection, captopril-HCT. The only direct medical cost is consider (perspective from the hospital), direct costs to this analysis were anti hypertensives costs, additional drug costs, cost of service facilities, and costs of action paramedics. The treatment effectiveness was determined as the percentage of patients with stable blood pressure achievement day at the fourth day. From 60 patients analyzed, 66.67% were female, and 33.33% were male. The age group of 70-79 years had the highest number of patients, i.e. 31.67%. Captopril-nifedipine-HCT treatment was effectiveness 88.89% with full cost Rp783,667.37, captopril-nifedipine treatment was effectiveness 73.33% with full cost Rp 755,744.11, captopril-nifedipine furosemide injection treatment was effectiveness 71.43% with full cost Rp 851,341.86, and captopril-HCT treatment was effectiveness 100% with total cost Rp 546,789.20.

Keywords: Costs Analysis, Effectiveness Analysis, Hypertension Therapy