Volume 38, Issue 1, 2011

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Article: The structural diversity and biological activity of the South China Sea sponge 

Keyword: sponge bio-resources

Author:  Lin Wenhan

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1-113 1
Article:  Study on new structural active substances from special habitat fungi 

Keyword: lead compounds

Author: Che Yongsheng

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12-270 0
Article: The role of microRNA in leukemia and treatment strategies 

Keyword: MicroRNAs

Author: Gu Jingyi; Zhu Xuejiao; Li Yumin; Fei Jia

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28-320 0
Article:  Folate receptor-mediated tumor targeting nano delivery system 

Keyword: tumor cells

Author: Wen Jing; Xu Wei; Zhou Jiahua

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33-370 0