Volume 43, Issue 1, 2016

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Article: Genomics in Alzheimer′s disease 

Keyword: drug discovery

Author:  LEI Hong-xing

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1-70 0
Article: Advances in genome-wide association studies of sporadic Alzheimer′s disease 

Keyword: drug ,GWAS

Author: LU Rui? YANG Sheng-lian? WANG Yi-zheng

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8-141 6
Article: Gut microbiota and Alzheimer′s disease 

Keyword:  hippocampus

Author: LI Tong-ju? ZHAO Yang? DONG Guo-ming? JIA De-xian? MA Bai-ping

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15-190 0
Article: Specific molecular probes in early diagnosis and efficacy monitoring for Alzheimer′s disease?research advances 

Keyword: senile plaque

Author: HU Xiao? LI Lin? ZHANG Lan

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20-251 1
Article:  Insulin signaling pathway and glucose metabolism in Alzheimer′s diseases 

Keyword: dysfunction

Author: LI Dong? HUANG Yan? ZHOU Wen-xia? ZHANG Yong-xiang

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26-321 0