Voulme 44, Issue 1, 2017

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Article: Small-molecule inhibitors of anthrax toxin 

Keyword: Bacillus anthracis, anthrax, lethal factor, botulinum neurotoxin A, light chain, zinc metalloprotease, matrix metalloprotease, quinoline, hybrid compound, desymmetrized

Author: NIE Ai-hua? GU Wei? LIU Jing-jing

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1-129 17
Article: Application of chlorgquine/hydroxychloroquine in AIDS treatment?research advances 

Keyword: : Chloroquine,hydroxychloroquine 

Author: XIANG Si-ying? ZHANG Gao-hong? ZHENG Yong-tang

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13-173 7
Article: Single domain antibodies from camel? research advances  

Keyword:  antibody

Author: YU Ji-jun,YANG Guang,ZHOU Ting-ting? FENG Jian-nan

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18-232 3
Article: Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B and its effects on pancritic β cell functions? research advances Hot! 

Keyword: insulin secretion

Author: ZHOU Ying? HUANG Li-wei? YE Fei? ZHANG Xiao-lin

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24-291 1
Article: Mitochondrial abnormality in major depressive disorder?research advances 

Keyword: MDD ,mitochondrial 

Author: SHI Zhang-peng? DONG Qing? CHEN Ming-cang

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30-342 6