Volume 46, Issue 1, 2019

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Article: An efficient system for detection of mitosis for breast cancer screening 

Keyword: Breast cancer, feature extraction, classification, screening, performance

Author: I. Selvamani M. Naresh Kumar

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01-0572 180
Article: Fuzzy approach to diagnosis and medication 

Keyword: Fuzzy based modelling, mamdanis engine, addiction, abuse, android application, private cloud, hybrid cloud

Author: Dr.K. Pradheep Kumar, Dr.N. Srinivasan

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6-1510 52
Article: A Survey of the elements in the human body and consideration of human bio monitoring for biometric authentication 

Keyword: Elements, minerals, trace, concentration, human body.

Author: N. AmbigaDr.A. Nagarajan

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16-198 20
Article: Identification of dysphonia related to parkinson’s disease using parametric and non parametric models 

Keyword: Parametric Modeling, Non-Parametric Modeling, Logistic Regression, k-nearest neighbor, Random Forest.

Author: S. Sharanyaa, P. Abitha, B. Karthikeyan, B. Buvaneswari,M. Sumithra

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20-265 14
Article: PILL reminder app and pill dispenser kit using internet of things 

Keyword: IoT, notification, care taker, pharmacist.

Author:  K. Lalitha,K. Muthulakshmi,S. Uma,G. Someshwar

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27-322 2
Article: GA based feature selection for multimodal biometric authentication 

Keyword: biometric authentication system, multi-modal, skeletal, feature extraction, artificial neural network

Author: A. Saravana Priya Dr. Rajeshwari Mukesh

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33-412 4
Article: Applied classification scheme for large data position category 

Keyword: Picture, machine, quintuplet, iterations

Author: S.K. Sameerunnisa,Dr.K.V. Ranga Rao

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42-474 8
Article: Arterial Acute Mesenteric Ischemia: Case Report 

Keyword: Mesenteric Ischemia, vessels, gastroenterologic emergency, Mesenteric circulation, stomach pain

Author: Gordafarin Nikbakht, Abdolsaleh Azizpour, Sara Ravangard, Seyed Saadat Gholami

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48-500 9
Article: Comparative investigation of functional results of treatment of unstable distal radius fracture using two methods of “closed reduction and immobilization with external fixator” and “closed reduction and pin-and-plaster” among patients referring to

Keyword: Distal radius fracture, External fixator method, Pin-and-plaster method, Intra-articular fracture.

Author:  Hamidreza mohammadi

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51-618 47
Article: Patients with Post-Traumatic Neuropathy: How Much It Costs to Rehab in Health Resorts 

Keyword: post-traumatic neuropathy, health resort, medicine, treatment, spending

Author: Taisia I. Kabakova, Andrey B. Goryachev, Vladimir V. Gacan, Elena Yu. Lemeshenko, Oleg N. Afanasiev

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62-675 56
Article: Nutrition in children with epilepsy 

Keyword: Nutrition, children, epilepsy.

Author: Asieh Makari, Marziyeh Moeinifard, Somayeh Aghaee, Ali Mirzaei, Zari Ravandi

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68-715 6
Article: A Telemedicine Technology for Cardiovascular Patients Diagnosis Feature Using KNN- MPM Algorithm 

Keyword: (KNN- MPM), CVD, MI Cardio, machine-to-machine (M2M).

Author: V Rajesh,K Saikumar, Sk Hasane Ahammad

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72-777 26
Article: Empathy with Patients of General Medical Students at Fasa University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Keyword:  Empathy, Medical students, Specialty.

Author: Afsaneh Ghasemi, Ali Moeinifar, Azizallah Dehghan, Shahnaz Karimi

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78-8411 22
Article: Investigating the Correlation of Nurses' Compassion Fatigue with Quality of Nursing Care from Patients Admitted to the Emergency Department of the Selected Hospitals of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in 2017-2018

Keyword: Compassion fatigue, Nursing care, Emergency department nurse

Author: Raziyeh Barzgaran, Ziba Borzabadi Farahani , Sima Zohari Anboohi, Elham Shaarbaf Eidgahi 

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85-940 6
Article: The Evaluation of Oxidant and Antioxidant System in Kerbala Patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Before and After the Operation 

Keyword: benign prostate hyperplasia, Malodialdehyde, vitamin E.

Author: Mohammed Talat Abbas* , Riyadh Rashed AL-Tuma, Mohammed Jaffar mohammed, Mohammed Abdulridha Wadi

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95-9711 53
Article: Healing role of Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato) extract in aspirin induced duodenal ulcer in male albino rats; A histological and Immunohistochemical study 

Keyword:  sweet potatoes

Author: Hadeel Jabar Neama Almuoswi, Adnan.W.M.Al-bideri

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98-1087 17
Article: Identification of Cervical Spondylosis disease on Spinal Cord MRI Image using Convolutional Neural Network- Long Short-Term Memory (CNN-LSTM) Technique 

Keyword: cervical spondylosis (CS); regions of interest (ROI); computed tomography (CT); Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); convolutional neural network long short-term memory (CNN-LSTM)

Author: Sk. Hasane Ahammad, V. Rajesh, U. Indumathi, A.Surya Charan

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108-1240 9

Keyword: aneurysm, cardiovascular disease, aortic diameter, CT scan

Author: Mohammad Momeni, Mohammad Momen Gharibvand, Mohamad Ghasem Hanafi, Ensieh Bakhshi

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130-1370 3
Article: Clustering Based Centralized Provenance Forgery Detection System To Ensure Secured Wireless Sensor Network 

Keyword: Provenance forgery, clustering, resource limitation, malicious attack, Cloning attack, centralized server

Author: D. Sowmyadevi,Dr.K. Karthikeyan

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138-1503 7
Article: Cognitive Expansion and Silent Communication in Evolving Conditions 

Keyword: Post-humans; robot; evolution, silence; cognition

Author: G.S. Agalyasri,Dr.G. Bhuvaneswari

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151-1573 9