Volume 46, Issue 2, 2019

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Article:  The deep learning experience for studying the associated cancer triads (ovarian, cervical and breast)-a pharmacogenomic approach 

Keyword: Pharmacogenomics, Octapodial Approach, Deep Learning, Siamese Net, Block Chain, Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cervical Cancer.

Author: A.M. Hima Vyshnavi,P.K. Krishnan Namboori

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457-46115 30
Article: Survey: medical image segmentation techniques 

Keyword: -

Author: L.K. Shoba,Dr.P. Mohan kumar

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462-4660 3
Article: Primitive prognosis of brain disease in medical images using multi-model textures features and fuzzy logic oriented kernel SVM 

Keyword: MRI, Tumor, Histogram, Feature Extraction, Classification, Texon Co-occurrence Matrix, Segmentation.

Author: L. Arokia Jesu Prabhu,A. Jayachandran

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467-4733 3
Article: Automation of cooking pasta with Wi-Fi application 

Keyword: Pasta Machine, Automated food processor, Cooking Trend, WIFI

Author:  H.M. Moyeenudin,J.J. Jayakanth,G.Bindu,R. Anandan

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474-47717 28
Article: Fuzzy boneh–franklin self-generated endorsement key based certificateless signcryption for secured data communication in WBAN 

Keyword: Endorsement Private Key, Endorsement Public Key, Fuzzy Digital Signature Authentication, Medical Data, Signcryption, Un-Signcryption

Author: I. Shanmugapriya,Dr.K. Karthikeyan

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478-4881 5
Article:  An improved brain tumor segmentation and classification method using SVM with various kernels 

Keyword: Tumor segmentation, Tumor classification, Feature Extraction, GLCM, DWT, SVM.

Author: A. Harshavardhan,Dr. Suresh Babu,Dr.T. Venugopal

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489-49525 50
Article: Relationship between employer branding, employee retention and commitment in pharmaceutical industry: an empirical investigation 

Keyword: Employer Branding, Pharmaceutical, Employee Retention, Employee Commitment, Regression Analysis.

Author: Dr. Makarand Upadhyaya,Dr. Asma Ayari

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496-50815 41
Article: Fractals in person’s signature 

Keyword: Fractals, Complexity, Principal Analysis, Box Counting Method, Divider Step Method

Author: S. Pavithra,G. Jayalalitha

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509-5143 9
Article: Creation offractals in the dasabhukti periods of human’s horoscope 

Keyword: Human�s Horoscope, Dasa Bhukti Period, Fractals, Scale Invariance, Assignment Problem

Author: R. Kamali,G. Jayalalitha

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515-5201 5
Article: The minimum efficient dominating energy of some graphs

Keyword: Dominating Set, efficient Dominating Set, Efficient Dominating Matrix, Minimum Efficient Dominating Set.

Author: K. Deepika,S. Meenakshi

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521-5242 32
Article: EEG signal classification using soft computing techniques for brain disease diagnosis 

Keyword: Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Back Propagation Network, Feature Extraction, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Electroencephalogram (EEG)

Author: B. Buvaneswari,T. Kalpalatha Reddy

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525-5280 2
Article: Healthcare security using blockchain for pharmacogenomics 

Keyword:  Blockchain, Encryption, Healthcare, Pharmacogenomics, SNP, Deep Learning, Ovarian Cancer.

Author: Misha Abraham,A.M. Hima Vyshnavi,Chungath Srinivasan,Dr.P.K. Krishnan Namboori

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529-5336 11
Article: Exploration to the machine learning techniques for diabetes identification 

Keyword: Diabetes, KNN, SVM;

Author: T. Ganesh Kumar,S. Naveen,M.S. Roobini

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534-5411 3
Article: Differently-abled person track and follow robot for luggage transport 

Keyword: Differently-abled, ROS packages, Navigation, track & follow, Alarm system, RFID, Lidar

Author:  J. Dani Reagan Vivek,T. Annapoorani,R. Shantha Selva Kumari,F. Miraclin,S. Vijay Gokul

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542-5471 3
Article: Implementation of robotic library assistant 

Keyword: Robot, Bluetooth, RFID, Ultrasonic sensor, IR sensor

Author:  S. Sridhar Raj,J. Dani Reagan Vivek,K. GopalaKrishnan,Kesavinithaa,Padmaja,S. Vijay Gokul

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548-5523 2
Article: Mobile drug delivery robot in dynamic environment using fuzzy path planning 

Keyword: ANFIS controller, fuzzy path planning, dynamic environment, single sensor, drug delivery

Author:  J. Dani Reagan Vivek,R. Shantha Selva Kumari,K. Gopalakrishnan,A. Nasreen Fathima,S. Swarna Deepika

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553-5590 1
Article: Low cost neonatal therapeutic hypothermia device 

Keyword: Thermoelectric coolers; Hypothermia; Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy; Neonatal; Arduino

Author:  T. Vedha Viyas,P. Kingston Stanley,Athavan Su Ma,A.K. Gowri Shankar

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560-5655 21
Article: Executive System for Automation of IT Process

Keyword: IT Process, Employee Details, Designation Details, and Raising the Tickets

Author: S. Brintha Rajakumari

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566-5731 3
Article: Triunity: On Using Trinary Trees for Unendorsed Web Data Mining

Keyword: Web Data Mining, Letter Entry, Editing Letters, Deleting Letters

Author: S. Surya

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574-5772 4
Article: Comparative Analysis of Liver Segmentation Using K-Means, Fuzzy c-Means and Spatial FCM Using Mumford Shah Approach

Keyword: Liver Segmentation, K-Means Clustering (KMC), Fuzzy C-Means Clustering, Spatial Fuzzy Clustering (SFCM)

Author: Dr.A. Muthukumaravel, R. Frizilin and V. Brindha

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