Volume 46, Issue 2, 2019

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Article: Modified Two Factor Authentication Control for Web based Cloud Computing Services

Keyword: Authentication, ABKE, Secret Key, OTP

Author: R. Raj Priya and V. Brindha

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583-5871 2
Article: A Comparative Study between Data Mining Tools Over Deep Learning Methods

Keyword: Data Processing, Information Classification, Deep Learning

Author: V. Ramya, V. Amudha and Dr.E. Venkatesan

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588-5921 1
Article: An Approach to Identify and Scanning Three Dimensional Objects

Keyword: Three Dimensional Objects, 3d Environment, Face Acceptance System, Face Recognition

Author: R. Balamurugan

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593-5964 3
Article: Prediction on Performance Improvement of Sportmens

Keyword: Clustering Algorithms, Clusters, Partnership, Runs, Data Mining, Sportmen Performance, Cricket Matches, Datasets

Author: S. Anupriya, V. Brindha and V. Ramya

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597-6011 1
Article: Categorization Techniques in Predicting Student’s Recitation

Keyword: Predicting Student’s Recitation, Bayesian Networks, Insert Internal Mark, View Details and Share

Author: S. Surya

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602-6052 5