Volume 46, Issue 3, 2019

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Article:  IoT based sign language words recognition system 

Keyword:  IoT, sign language, sensors, wearable device, android application

Author: Dr.P. Golda Jeyasheeli,Dr.J. Raja Sekar,K. Annapoorani

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714-7206 59
Article:  Empowering protein expression images based diagnostics for breast cancer pharmacogenomics using deep learning 

Keyword: TNBC, Pharmacogenomics, Pathological Images, Siamese Net, Block Chain

Author: A.M. Hima Vyshnavi,P.K. Krishnan Namboori

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721-72620 49
Article: A Survey on computational methods for the classification of compounds into drug and non-drug 

Keyword: Machine Learning, Molecular Fingerprint, Drug Likeliness, Drug Classification, Computer Aided Drug Discovery

Author: R. Ani,V. Rakesh,P. Anu Mohan,O.S. Deepa

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727-73110 88
Article: Chemical entity extraction using pattern based bootstrapping 

Keyword: Chemical NER, Feature Sets, Patterns, Scoring, Bootstrapping, Cross-validation

Author: R. Hema

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732-7392 16
Article: Doctor’s assistant- an augmented reality glass for critical analysis 

Keyword: Augmented reality, doctor assistive system, Ar glass, dynamic texture technique

Author: J. Gowtham,P. Malarvezhi,N. Harsha Vardhan,S.Chanikya,Ch Sai Prakash

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740-7443 12
Article: Plant classification using deep learning 

Keyword: Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Network, Feature Scheme

Author:  Dr.S. Devi Mahalakshmi,V. Geethanjali

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745-7495 20
Article: Anomaly detection in digital mammography using neural networks 

Keyword: Mammography, Anomaly Detection, Neural Network, Gaussian Mixture Model

Author:  S. Grout,S.R. Dheeraj Suryaa,Hitesh,D.H. Venkatesan,S. Sumanth,M. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy

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750-75412 60
Article: Artificial speech aid for vocal impairment 

Keyword: Vocal impairment, communication, gesture, flex sensor, blue tooth

Author: Dr.R. Azhagumurugan,S.Priyadharshini,C.S. Sharumathi,K. Malini,K. Lakshmipraba

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755-7573 17
Article: A smart touch based instant toxin content detection system 

Keyword: Conductivity, Monocil, Cloud, Internet of Things, Amplifier, Arduino IDE, Pesticide, Universal Serial Bus, and Toxin

Author: Dr.C. Priya,G. Monisha,K. Kavitha,S. Suvetha,M. Vanmathi

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758-7616 25
Article: GrabCut and support vector machine based robust color image segmentation and classification model 

Keyword: Color Image Segmentation, Classification, Grab Cut, Support Vector Machine

Author:  N. Hema Rajini

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762-7680 9
Article:  Prediction of autism levels in children using inverse firefly optimization of support vector machine classifier 

Keyword: Support Vector Machine, Inverse Firefly Algorithm, Firefly Algorithm, Parameter Tuning, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author: M. Premasundari,Dr.C. Yamini

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769-77519 45
Article: Interactive glove 

Keyword:  Arduino, Flex Sensors, Zigbee, Traic, Apr Module

Author: M. Sambath,G.V. Karthik Sainath,P. Jayachandra Naidu,S. Pradeep

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776-7798 18
Article: A study on investors perception towards mutual funds and ulips 

Keyword:  ULIPS, UTI, AMC, investment, investment avanues, investors perception

Author: L. Gopika,V. Hena Mohan,Dr.A.S. Ambily

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780-7966 23
Article:  FPGA implementation of efficient logarithmic multiplier

Keyword:  Logarithmic Number System (LNS), Mitchell Method (MA), Operand Decomposition (OD), VLSI DSP Techniques

Author: G. Shobana,G. Prema,K. Preethi

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797-8014 14
Article: Survey on collagen based sponges for wound healing 

Keyword:  Wound Healing, Multi Factorial Process, Wound Dressing, Collagen

Author:  M. Anisha,G. Vishnuvarthanan,M. Vallimeenal,L. Pravina,A. Mohammed Ismail

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802-8065 26
Article: Minimum total dominating energy of graphs 

Keyword:  Dominating Set, Minimum Total Dominating Set, Minimum Total Dominating Matrix, Minimum Total Dominating Eigen Values, Minimum Total Dominating Energy of a Graph

Author: K. Malathy,Dr.S. Meenakshi

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807-8126 21
Article: EOQ inventory model using algebraic method with inventory level constraint 

Keyword:  Inventory, EOQ, Defective Items, Algebraic Method

Author: M. Ravithammal,P. Muniappan,S. Hemamalini

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813-8155 41
Article: Double domination in fuzzy soft graphs 

Keyword:  Fuzzy soft graph, double domination and double domination number

Author: V. Devika,S. Meenakshi

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816-8202 16
Article: Patient oriented decision making as a service using health IOT-cloud 

Keyword: -

Author: K. Indira,C. Santhiya,C.V. Nisha Angeline

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821-8288 22
Article:  Study on the prospects of dental tourism in ernakulam district 

Keyword:  Dental Tourism, Medical Tourism, Management, Patient, Dental Professionals

Author: V.B. Aiswarya,Anand R Mohan,Dr. Sony Vijayan

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