Volume 46, Issue 3, 2019

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Article: The effectiveness of government schemes in karthigappally taluk, alappuzha district 

Keyword: -

Author:  Afza Aboobaker,S. Aneesa,M. Megha,Praveena Suresh,Dr.T.G. Manoharan

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839-8420 1
Article: Customer satisfaction of ATM services of SBI 

Keyword: ATM Services, Customer Satisfaction, Contributing Factors

Author: Keerthi Prakash,A. Abymon,Silpa Kishore,Vandana S. Sarma

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843-8460 1
Article: Union transfers to state of kerala and it’s impact on rural development-a study on MGNREGA 

Keyword: MGNREGA, Rural Development, Awareness, Union Transfers, Kerala

Author: T.P. Akhila,Meghna Baburaj,P.N. Krishnapriya,C.V. Durgalashmi

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847-8510 4
Article: An analysis of various fund provided by government for microfinance in kerala 

Keyword: Kudumbashree, Government Schemes, Microfinance, NRLM

Author: Bhagya Viswan,S. Harishma,K. Sneha,C.V. Durgalashmi

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852-8550 3
Article: The impact of e-governance among rural people: a study in south kerala 

Keyword: E-governance, Digi Locker, UMANG, E-Pos

Author:  Dhanesh Ashok,S. Nidhin,K. Sneha,Suhail Jamaludeen Kunju,K. Vinod Kumar

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856-8610 1
Article: Patient oriented performance indicators for the health care industry 

Keyword: -

Author:  A. Celina,Dr.K. Sankara Moorthy,G. Kumar,Dr.R. Krishnaraj

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862-8631 6
Article:  The bread route: study on quality of work life of migrant workers in hotel industry 

Keyword: Migrant workers, Work life, Hotel Industry, Kerala

Author: Muhammed Afrid,Sambhu Sundar Sundaresan,Akhilesh Suthan,S. Jayashree

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864-8674 16
Article: A study among doctors towards antihypersensitive prescription practice in chennai city

Keyword: Hypersensitive Drugs, Market, Pharmaceutical, Forecast

Author: Dr.K.D. Balaji, Dr.V.M. Shenbagaraman, Dr.P.S. Saravanan and E. Pradeep

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868-8730 2
Article: Web portal initiative at corporate hospitals: A case study of a virtual organization at jaipur

Keyword: E-prescription, Networking, Patient Compliance, Pharmacovigilance Updates, Stock Maintenance

Author: Dr. Makarand Upadhyaya

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874-8803 4
Article: Synthesis, spectral characterization, electrochemical, anti-microbial and DNA binding studies of new schiff base metal(II) complexes derived from Isoniazid and 2-(4-amino-phenyl)-2H-isoquinolin-1-one

Keyword: Isonizaid, Antioxidant, Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Klebsiella Pneumoniae, Proteus Mirabillis, mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Author: R. Vijimalar, G. Leema Rose and J. Joseph

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881-8880 1
Article: Improved energy efficient light weighted dynamic routing protocol in wireless sensor networks

Keyword: Wireless Sensor Network, Sensor Nodes, Energy Efficiency, Routing Protocol, Light Weight Routing Mechanism

Author: C. Sivakumar and Dr.P. Latha Parthiban

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889-8942 6
Article: Performance evaluation of multiple layers of soft tissues using CUDA based GPU

Keyword: -

Author: K. Jayasudha and Mohan G. Kabadi

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895-9012 3
Article: Analysis of QRS detection in ECG signal using entropy and edge detection

Keyword: ECG, QRS Detection, Prewitt Operator, Entropy

Author: S. Lokesh and G. Udhayakumar

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902-9053 33
Article: A novel method for buyer-seller authentication using blockchain technology

Keyword: Blockchain, Watermarking, Cryptographic Hash, Buyer-Seller Protocol, Authentication

Author: J. Anirudh Rao, V. Harish, Sai Varun and Latha Parameswaran

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906-9111 7
Article: Preparation, characterization and biological test of biodegradable composite tissue engineering scaffold

Keyword: Electro-Spun Scaffolds, PCL, Gelatin, and F11 Fibroblast Cells

Author: P. Muthu and S.P. Angeline Kirubha

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912-9180 3
Article: Artificial intelligence proficient systems with neural network machine learning algorithms in nanoparticle size prediction application

Keyword: Neural network, Regression, Mean Square Error, Nanoparticle

Author: P. Muthu and S.P. Angeline Kirubha

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919-9260 10
Article: A Study on impact of stress among higher secondary school teachers in coimbatore district

Keyword: Stress, Job Satisfaction, Emotional Impact, Work-Life Imbalance, Physical Impact

Author: Dr.K. Jothi and G.P. Selvi

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927-9341 4