Volume 46, Issue 3, 2019

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Article: Wavelet and Contourlet Transformation for Multimodality Brain Tumor Image Fusion Techniques

Keyword: Image Fusion, Multimodality Medical Images, NSCT Fusion Technique, Wavelet Fusion Technique

Author: S. Anu Priya

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953-9591 6
Article: Blood Social Hub Build

Keyword: AIDS, Blood Social Hub (BSH), Grooving Requirement, Blood Groups

Author: N. Mathimagal

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960-9633 3
Article: A Survey on SVM and PCA Model Using Face Recognition Techniques

Keyword: Face Recognition, PCA, SVM

Author: K. Rajakumari and Dr.C. Nalini

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964-9681 9
Article: Association Rule Mining in Big Data Using Dengue Virus

Keyword: Dengue Virus, Association Rule Mining, Apriori Algorithm, Confidence Measure

Author: Dr.D. Kerana Hanirex and Dr.A. Muthu Kumaravel

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969-9722 6