Volume 46, Issue 4, 2019

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Article: The protective influence of vitamin C against different skeletal malformations in prenatal embryos and postnatal newborns of female rats treated with indomethacin during pregnancy

Keyword: Vitamin C, Indomethacin, Structural Deformities, Female Rats, Fetuses, Embryos, Pregnancy

Author: Dalal Abdel-hussein Kazem Al–essawi and Dr. Saher Mahmood Jawd Aljamali

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1-1222 75
Article: Estimation of Interleukin -22 levels in patient's serum with positive EBV and correlation with ages

Keyword: EBV, IL-22, Seropositive

Author: Rawaq Hayder Almehanyah and Siham Jasim Alkaabi

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13-165 31
Article: Radiation effect on unsteady flow past an accelerated infinite vertical plate with variable temperature and chemical reaction

Keyword: Radiation, Chemical Reaction, Porous Medium

Author: Dr.D. Raju

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17-253 17
Article: Drug suggestion concerned automated drug knowledge ontology construction framework

Keyword: Drug Effect, Side Reactions, Drug Suggestion, Ontology Construction, Semantic Query, Drug Tweets

Author: D. Krithika Renuka and Dr.B. Rosiline Jeetha

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26-3415 36
Article: Interpolating estrada index as a linear function in a triangular mesh

Keyword: Estrada Index, Amino Acids, Molecular Graphs, Protein Folding, Triangular Interpolation

Author: J. Reshma Ravi and R. Manjusha

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35-4019 19
Article: Design of portable foot pressure distribution measurement device for performance analysis and injury prevention in the sport of rowing

Keyword: BATLogic System, Ergometer, Foot Pressure, Force Sensing Resistor, Rowing

Author: Oinam Robita Chanu, S. Soundarya and S. Aravind

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41-4411 15
Article: Automated detection of full thickness macular hole in optical coherence tomography images

Keyword: Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Macular Hole, Computer-Aided Diagnosis, Biomedical Imaging

Author: M. Anand and C. Jayakumari

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45-4910 102
Article: Eye blink based wireless wheelchair movement

Keyword: Wheelchair, Quadriplegia, Locomotion

Author: Ashokkumar Devaraj, S. Batra, B. Veerendranath, P. Hadvani and R Agarwala

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50-545 33
Article: Development of customized knee brace for osteoarthritis

Keyword: Osteoarthritis, Computer Aided Design, 3D Printing, Customized Knee brace, Polylactic Acid (PLA)

Author: Ashokkumar Devaraj, S. Devapriya and V. Karthik Raj

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55-592 9
Article: Electroencephalogram-based truly wireless prosthetic arm

Keyword: Brain-Computer Interface, Electroencephalogram, Think Gear Module, Electromyogram, Graphical User Interface, Prosthetic Arm

Author: G.V. Tharun Prasad and A.K. Jayanthy

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60-642 5
Article: Design and development of spirometer using labview

Keyword: Pressure Sensor, myDAQ, LabVIEW, Spirometer, COPD

Author: B. Sanchana and A.K. Jayanthy

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65-682 18
Article: Non-invasive automated system for treating brittle diabetes patients

Keyword: Brittle Diabetes, Non-Invasive, Wearable, LED Laser, Blood Sugar, Insulin, Dextrose

Author: S. Gnanavel, S. Varsha, V.P. Vanmathi, Satyagiti Purohit and R. Varunan

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69-724 4
Article: Home automation system using EEG waves

Keyword: EEG, Surface Electrodes, NI myDAQ, Alpha Waves, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Author: Muhammad Suleiman Yusuf, Nisarga Frederick Baral, Sudhakar Dubey, Oinam Robita Chanu and V. Karthik Raj

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73-791 18
Article: EOG based hand controlled glove designed using arduino

Keyword: EOG, Paralysis, Microcontroller, Servomotor

Author: Lakshmi Prabha, R. Kayalvizhi, K. Lashya and B. Rajeswari

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80-854 24
Article: Integrated wireless multi parameter telemetery system

Keyword: Vital Parameters, Arduino Pro-mini, Telemetry, Wireless Transmission

Author: K. Lokesh, T.K. Kamalini, G. Roshini, K. Sreya Reddy and P. Vinupritha

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86-922 11
Article: Evaluation of hypertension using first derivative features of photoplethysmography

Keyword: Hypertension, First Derivative, PPG, Systolic Amplitude, Diastolic Amplitude, Crest Time, Stiffness Index

Author: T. Jayanthi and M. Sindhu

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93-962 6
Article: Finite element analysis of biconcave fracture in thoracolumbar region of spine

Keyword: Thoracolumbar Region, Vertebral Compression Fracture, Biconcave Fracture, Finite Element Analysis

Author: Keren Evangeline, Dr.S.P. Angeline Kirubha and D. Raja

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97-1025 18
Article: Treatment of minor recurrent aphthous ulceration through biostimulation mechanism by (650nm) diode laser

Keyword: Minor Recurrent Aphthous, Ulceration, Biostimulation, Diode Laser

Author: Kadhim Ahmed Kadhim, Ali Shukur Mahmood and Hazim Ghani Yaseen

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103-1082 9
Article: Estimation of the serotonin and melatonin hormones levels in patients with migraine in thi–qar governorate - iraq

Keyword: Migraine, Headache, Serotonin, and Melatonin

Author: Hadeel Rashid Faraj

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109-1111 6
Article: Toxicological effects of paracetamol and ampicillin in rats with embryos

Keyword: Toxicological effects, Paracetamol, Ampicillin, Rats, Embryos

Author: Rasha Noori Abid A. Shammary

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112-1168 20