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Volume 46, Issue 3, 2019

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Article: Two wheel self-balancing robot using PID algorithm for carrying medicine 

Keyword: Balancing Robot, Inverted Pendulum, PID Controller, Arduinonano, MPU6050

Author: J. Dani Reagan Vivek,R. Shantha SelvaKumari,S. Sridhar Raj,C. Saravana Kumar,V. Benil Sam

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566-570215 565
Article:  Design and implementation of iris recognition system using FPGA 

Keyword: Canny edge detection (CED); Circular Hough transform (CHT); RED algorithm; HD; Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) spartan 6.

Author:  S. Sridhar Raj,V. Shenbagadevi,S. Sujitha Balasathiya,S. Vijay Gokul

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571-57635 102
Article: Image classification using deep learning technique 

Keyword: Deep Learning, AlexNet

Author:  K. Gopala Krishnan,P.T. Vanathi,S. Sridhar Raj,M. Nancy,S. Seeni Roja Parveene

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577-59019 87
Article: Mc Gregor’s x & y theory in people management at work place with reference to public and private ayurvedic pharmaceuticals

Keyword: Theory X, theory Y, people management, public and private pharmaceuticals

Author:  Nisha Jacob,Dr.A.S. Ambily

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591-59620 60
Article: Attribute selection and imbalanced data for detection of chronic kidney disease 

Keyword: Imbalanced data, medical data analysis, traditional classifiers, CKD, feature selection, SMOTE algorithm, BFO-WD, KSVM) classifier.

Author: Dr.S. Praba

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597-60416 59
Article:  Use of Lateral Cephalometric in the Application of Cervical Vertebral Maturation Stages Index in Orthodontics: Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis 

Keyword: Lateral Cephalometrics, Cervical Vertebral Maturation, Orthodontics, Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis.

Author:  Elham Farokh Gisoure,Zohre Arefpoor,Hadiseh Abbaspourrokni,Zahra Pakseresht,Neda Sanaee,Ali Mortazavi

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622-62618 81
Article: Mandibular autorotation after maxillary multidirectional movement, an in vitro evaluation 

Keyword:  Mandibular Rotation, Maxillary Repositioning, Advancement, Setback, Impaction, Disimpaction, Semi-Adjustable Articulator, Model Surgery.

Author: Rasoul Gheisari,Hesamoddin Eatemadi,Mehrdad Vossoughi

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627-63220 116
Article: A new hybrid GKM segmentation for detecting pathological microscopic glomerulosclerosis image of diabetic nephropathy 

Keyword: Genetic K-Means, Hybrid, Pathological, Image Fitness, Diabetic Nephropathy

Author:  M. Ravi,Ravindra S Hegadi

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633-6389 46
Article: Project-oriented learning for the achievement of educational outcomes 

Keyword: Project-Oriented Learning, Educational Outcomes, Professional Title

Author: Silvia Espinoza-Suarez,Juan Manuel Musayon Falen,Sixto Sarmiento Chipana,Klinge Orlando Villalba-Condori,Sonia Castro-Cuba-Sayco

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639-64829 52
Article:  User acceptance of clinical information system using UTAUT model 

Keyword: -

Author: Raj Vaithamanithi,Dr.V.M. Ponniah,Dr.K. Sankara Moorthy

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649-6517 29
Article: Isolation of marine bacteria from polychaete species and their antibacterial activity in uppanar estuary, southeast coast of india 

Keyword: Polychaaete species, Bacteria, Isolation, Identification, Biochemical test, Well plates, Antibacterial activity

Author: R. Balasubramanian,R. Babu

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652-65832 92
Article: A comprehensive review on medical image processing and its application for the automatic detection of tumor in human brain 

Keyword: Enhancement, Medical Images, Medical Image Processing, Segmentation, Tumor Detection

Author: K. Srinivasa Reddy,P. Swaminathan,R. Anandan

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659-66622 102
Article: Purification and characterization of antioxidant peptides of podophthalmus vigil hemolymph 

Keyword:  Podophthalmus vigil, FT-IR, DPPH, Hemolympb, and Total Antioxidant Activity

Author:  Elayaperumal Natarajan,Ramasamy Balasubramanian,Pitchiah Sivaperumal

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667-67527 117
Article:  MCNN based healthcare surveillance system Using IOT 

Keyword: Raspberry Pi, Temperature Sensor, Pulse Sensor, BP Serial Module, Spo2 Sensor, Heartbeat Sensor, Respiratory Sensor, MATLAB

Author: Adunoori Shalini,Shruti Bhargava Choubey

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676-6829 19
Article: Medical diagnostic problem using minkowski distance measure 

Keyword: Fuzzy Set, Fuzzy Matrix, MINKOWSKI Distance Measure

Author: K. Selvakumari,V.R. Pathmavathi

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683-6858 28
Article: Structural, dielectric and optical analyses of copper doped zinc oxide nanocrystallites 

Keyword: Dielectric Constant, Grain, Nanocrystallites, Electrical Conductivity

Author: M. Giruba,J. Christina Rhoda,S. Chellammal,K. Ravichandran

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686-6899 61
Article: Nash equilibrium strategies of a symmetric bimatrix game using interval fuzzy payoffs 

Keyword: Bimatrix Games, Nash Equilibrium Approximation, Symmetrization, Fuzzy interval, Fuzzy Payoff, Defuzzification

Author: C. Karthi,K. Selvakumari

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690-6930 10
Article: Definition of flavonoids and alcaloids in the plant a splenium septentrionale 

Keyword: Asplenium Septentrionale Plants, Flavonoids, Alkaloids, Chromatography, Quercetin, Kaempferol, Quinine, Sorbent, Antioxidant activity, Chromatogram, Heterocycle, Drugs

Author:  Shertayeva Nailya,Sabiraliyeva Zhanat,Zharlykapova Roza,Taubayeva Raushan

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694-69627 92
Article: Features of the development of child-parent relations in the families of raising children with autism spectrum disorder in kazakhstan 

Keyword:  Child-parent Relationship, Family, Upbringing, Children with ASD

Author: Assel Makhadiyeva,Ainash Kudysheva,Gulazira Akymbek,Elena Snopkova

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697-7037 36
Article: Optimal feature selection with HOEFFDING tree based data classification model for adverse drug reaction 

Keyword: Hoeffding, ADR, Classification, Preprocessing

Author: A. Poongodi,Dr. Latha Parthiban

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